All Booked Up!

Welcome to All Booked Up - a new reading group in Shrewsbury Library.

I'm Cathy, I'll be co-ordinating the group. If you're interested in joining, you can email me on, Tweet me at @cathyab or use the contact form on the website. Or talk to the library staff and they'll put you in touch!

The main focus of our reading is intended to be 'fantastical', covering horror, suspense, thrillers, mysteries, ghost stories, sci fi and fantasy. We have a great list from the library to make our selections from, so we should have lots to talk about! If you are interested in joining a reading group and are a little concerned about the fantastical focus, get in touch anyway and we'll widen the list if we need to - there's plenty of scope for discussion.

We'll be meeting on the first Wednesday of every month at 7.30pm in the Hobbs room at Shrewsbury library. The first meeting will be Wednesday March 2nd, 2011.

Our books
  • The Pesthouse - Jim Crace

    Waterstone's Books Quarterly - "A master storyteller who convinces with a tale of social dystopia which is also a beautifully written love story." 

    Spectator - 'What impressed most, in this beautifully written novel, is the way that Crace makes the reader believe unquestionably'

  • The Savage Garden - Mark Mills

    The Times - `Mills writes beautifully... an unusual, captivating novel that is a cut above the norm'

    Independent - `A mesmerizing piece of writing... Mills is a skillful writer and combines all the disparate strands into a striking tapestry'

Please get in touch if you fancy coming along to have a 'fantastic' time!

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